My First Journal – update:

I am a casual crafter, in the sense that I’m no expert.  So if I can do it, you can be assured that you can do it.  I’m passionate about sharing the joy of creating with old friends and new.  I am not for profit and my opinions are not influenced by free gifts from manufacturers.  Although I am not opposed to gifts.  I love pressies!  xoxo

I have recently discovered journal making.  I am in love.  I have been watching many YouTube lessons.  I am in the process of designing and making my own journal.  If you would like to watch the same videos I did, visit my YouTube channel and select the playlist titled, Journals.  [click home , scroll down, and it will take you to a page with a link]

Once I complete my journal, I will be teaching my sister to make it.  She is much more experienced at crafting and I’m hopeful she will add to design and features.

Once this process is complete, I will be uploading my first original tutorial.  Very excited.  I am technically challenged but my husband is a photography expert.  He is a retired Bobby and did CSI photography.  So he will help me to do a more professional video for you all.

The tutorial, as with everything from me, will be free of charge.  The materials I am using are partly recycled.  The cover is made from a breakfast cereal box, but it will look like old leather. The rest of the supplies, I am making do with what I have in my studio.

I will not just be giving you instructions to duplicate mine, but the knowledge to design your own.  It will be more beautiful than one you can buy.  But you won’t be afraid to use it.  Because you know you can make another one so easy.  As mom would say, ttfn.  xoxo




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