Stamps: Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Buying stamps unmounted saves money, reduces waste, greener to transport and mail.

Mounting them to cling foam makes them easier to store and use.  You can also convert wood mounted stamps.  Pictured above are the supplies I used to mount them myself.

They are easier to cut apart before you mount them to the foam.  If you have large images it is not a big difference.  The more intricate the cuts the more it becomes a factor.

WHAT NOT TO DO PART ONE:  Oh yes I did!  Became distracted and mounted the stamp face down on the foam.  OMG!  It took all day long to scrub the glue off of the stamp.  I had to soak it in rubbing alcohol and repeatedly scrub about 15 times to get it all off.

My method as follows:  Cut the stamp apart.  I used Tim Holtz scissors.  They are titanium and teflon coated.  Glue will not stick to the blades and you can get very precise cuts.

Remove the printed side of the cling foam and adhere the stamps, stamp side up.  Leave enough room between to make a clean cut.  Use corn starch or powder to dust on the remaining exposed glue to make it not sticky.   Then cut the foam around the stamps.  Remove the other side of the backing and adhere to some acetate.  Often the stamps come with a bit of acetate.  Then you can rinse the corn starch off the stamps.  I store my cling stamps in a three ring binder inside of plastic sheet protectors.

WHAT NOT TO DO PART TWO:  Oh yes I did that too.  Once your stamp is mounted, do not rinse off the corn starch before you remove the backing on the cling side of the stamp.  When it gets wet it separates and becomes a chore to peel off.

Looking forward to using the cute stamps!  Hope everyone will spend the day counting their blessings.  ttfn, diana xoxo


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