Apologies. Video upload – repeated failures. Have filmed several. I upgraded to unlimited storage plan on blog – no fix. Think I need to buy a new phone. Working on the husband. 🙈I appreciate your patience and understanding. Have very cool things to share! ðŸ˜

4″ wide ivory tulle. Only bow I can do that looks like a bow. 😂I bought a bow maker years ago and made uglier bows than normal. My sister can make a bow a work of art in seconds. That talent eludes me. Happy Saturday everyone!

Easy fabric flowers.

I will lightly spray them with stiffener first. Then paint on stiffener where needed to make the fabric moldable. This is my first attempt. We will learn together. Ttfn Diana xoxo important note: keep cutting dies and scissors for use on fabric separate from those used on paper. Cutting paper dulls the blades too much … More Easy fabric flowers.